• This is JMDY.

    We are your brains and your hands. We develope strategies, concepts, execute and produce campaigns that creates results for your business.
    We are based in Copenhagen but serve clients worldwide though strategic alliances with like-minded agencies throughout Europe and the US.
    Through our setup, we remain agile while providing the capacity of an international agency.


We focus on your challenges and ambitions!


We set defined goals to commit everyone involved!


We use analysis, strategy & creativity to keep you on top of your game.


We celebrate your success and a job well done.

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Jim Dandy means "something of superior quality" or "an excellent example of its kind". This is what you can expect from us. We want you to think of our work as 'Jim Dandy', and we want our work to deliver results for your business, that you didn't dare hope for. Here's some other stuff that's nice to know about Jim Dandy: Jim Dandy specializes in creating brands, turning brands around and generating business results. Jim Dandy is constantly striving to uncover new ideas and solutions in every possible area. Jim Dandy's key focus is solving your business' challenges.

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